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What Are The Secrets?

You don’t need to be a wizard-of-the-net to know this fact: that the vast world-wide-webscape is just teeming with snap judgments and second-spanning swipes to the next conquest—whether a photo, a thunderbolt caption, or a striking visual—and one more dazzling and more appealing to the eye than the last. To snatch just a piece of these whizzing trajectories of attention—and to then hold it in place—pretty make up the crux of content marketing.

Unfortunately, netting a first impression that sticks can be a tough feat, and more often than not, a densely organized body of slick, informed insights can’t carry your content beyond a passing glimpse.

‘Course, if you had something to hook your readers in from the get-go, and keep them interested—gripped—immersed in your brand for beyond a sorry spate of seconds, it’d be a different story altogether. You’ll be able to elevate your content to new heights of exposure, and multiply your reach by a whopping-dozen factor.

The question now, though, is how you’re going to do it.

It’s simple, really — in fact, all it involves is four key considerations. Commit them like a bible to your success-geared mind, and you’ll be onto something!

Number 1: Looks are everything.

Sure, you might be able to ignore a wart or mole or two in the business of dating, but you’ll find that audiences—for the most part—aren’t exactly keen on repetitive walls of dull text. Marketing your content ain’t some fairytale gig, after all.

Wanna give scrolling thumbs and sweeping eyes something to stop for? Dish out the graphics: whether it’s a vibrant, streamlined infographic, some dynamic video content, or just a unique strain of formatting—you’ll find a visual spark of novelty to be the panacea you need. A single striking difference in an otherwise droning slab of text will snatch ‘em by the eyelids.

Heck, even something as deceptively simple as bullet points, minimal paragraphs, and other structural gimmicks will have your people nursing the impression that your content is reader-geared, reader-friendly and just poised to deliver something great. Don’t go underestimating this now.

Number 2: Engage with them in every way conceivable.  

We’ve gotta be frank with you all—leaning solely on the ‘miracle’ of organic visibility online will sink you quick. Consider how Twitter and LinkedIn have ever-shifting feeds that alternate their content on the basis of specific, priority-based systems—with how often feeds get switched up with the current of swirling preferences, you’ll find your content swallowed up in no time.

What used to be shining bonuses will now prove to be non-negotiable strategies in your arsenal: engagement via messages, visuals, and even the art of appropriately placing your hashtags — all-in-all, a magnetic code of authenticity is in order. Bottom-line, you’ll need to get potential readers feeling immensely—inextricably—sincerely valuable to your brand right from the get-go.

If you’d like to add a more organic touch to your marketing, consider paid social promotion and enlisting influencers to hook ‘em all in.

Number 3: Search engines aren’t your saviour.

We live in an era where prioritizing our audience—flesh, bone and wide-hankering-eyes—has become more relevant than prioritizing search engine turnouts. Keyword cramming can only get you so far, and it won’t be long before your readers call it quits once they’ve delved beyond the bait.

Do away with last-season clickbait titles and superficial meta descriptions and start suffusing your content with intrigue, humour, appeal—a fount of gripping purpose at the core. You’ll find honesty to be a powerful weapon as well as a virtue.

Number 4: Get a handle on who you want to attract.

Get effective with your marketing by developing a crystal clear idea of who it is you want to draw in. Knowing who to target will not only help you reel in more pinpoint—and ultimately beneficial—matches, but also enable you to tailor your content to hit the bullseye.

With a website analytics service on hand, you’ll be able to effectively pin down your desired target audience in accordance to attributes like age, occupation, values, and et cetera. Thereafter, you’ll be able to customize your messages effectively to charm every segment in your sights.

Bottom-line, it’s time to kick things up a notch and upgrade your tactics to suit the split-second-swipe climate of Now. By incorporating seamless and honest SEO, practical and intuitive social promotion, and a masterful selection of digital advertising devices, you’ll be able to practically catch fish out there.

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