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5 Easy Steps To Start An Online E-Commerce Business Today

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Do you ever feel like opening an online e-commerce business?


If your answer is yes, then what’s stopping you?


Is it because of the ever changing digital world (that needs you to get on top of every new digital marketing technique as well as the constant Google algorithm updates to make sure you have the upper hand in SEO against your top competitors) ?

Well I have to admit once you have become a player in this difficult digital marketing game (almost as difficult as Dota 2), the constant need to keep adapting to new updates and changes can really be a pain in the backside.


But, before you let that inspiration of opening an online e-commerce business fade away.


Hear this.


For a couple of weeks I’ve been doing some researching throughout the world wide web to find out the correct methods people used in order to ensure a successful and lasting business in the e-commerce field.


Hopefully these 5 easy steps that I have listed down below will prove useful in making sure we start our e-commerce business in the most rightful way.


A Brief Introduction

Online retail is going from strength to strength. However, many e-commerce businesses fail to make it big. The trick to grow comes from having a good and well-thought-out model.


A good model starts with finding a niche and finding the right clientele to appeal to. One should aim for something which can make a high-profit margin and is focused on a few products that can be easily shipped.


Simultaneously, one should focus on other products that are trending and invest in them. And the most important thing is that you market well enough to attract buyers.


Now, the main issue is how should one go about starting an E-commerce business in the fast-paced world of 2019. In the following points, we’ll see how one can set up a business that can actually sell something and grow overtime.


1) Take Your Time In Doing Research For Your Business

The first thing that any business should do is research. One should research the types of business structures and the products that they want to sell.


Focus is key here and as such one should pick a market that has many competitors because if there otherwise, chances are that there aren’t many customers either.


2) Know Yourself And Know Your Customers

The second important step in building an E-commerce business is knowing yourself and your audience.


These are the 2 important questions you must ask yourself

  • Who and what are you?
  • Who are your desired customers?


It is compulsory for you to build a brand image that is consistent and truly projects what you’re selling.


3) Time To Create Your Brand

Now that you’ve thought things through, its time to create the store.


Get your business registered for legal purposes. Choose a name that fits your niche. Get your licenses/permits and registrations done as well.


After that, focus on the vendors. Choose the right vendors as it will be a long-term contract and hence, an important relationship that will influence your business.


4) Increase Brand Awareness

Now, you should think about attracting customers.


Design the logo and start creating marketing content that depicts what you want to sell to the customers.


This is the marketing part of the business.


You need traffic on your website, and for that, you need to focus on SEO. Keywords play an important part and hence, should be a part of your URLs and ad campaigns.


5) Make Sure Your Products Is Well Known

The final step is your products.


Marketing them is equally as important if not more important than your website design. Your goal is to sell products, and for that, you have to get creative in order to stand out form the crowd.


Think about new ideas and ways to market your stuff. Get someone on board who knows marketing as this is an important part of your business.


One thing you can do is start email marketing. You can host giveaways and give out free products and even introduce a sale. Anything to gain traction.


Embrace social media, be it Facebook or Instagram as through them you can showcase your products or services to a wide audience and in turn be more likely to gain more customers.


All in all, keep these things in mind, and you’ll be good to go.



Venturing into something new, especially the ones we know nothing about can be quite frightening (trust me i know)


But we must start somewhere, right?


The thing is, with today’s technology advancements you can learn almost anything from anywhere and with the right dedication and willingness you too can have a fighting chance against these big e-commerce corporations.


It is important to remember that you don’t have to do this alone. Getting the help from a couple of experienced personnel (such as hiring me as your digital marketer 😉 ) can really benefit you in the long run.

So, enough about my thoughts.


I feel it is only appropriate for you to tell me about your experiences venturing into the e-commerce world (if you have one) that could help us in surviving this adventure together. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below.


Now it is time to build your online business empire and start conquering the world!


Cheers 🙂

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