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Reasons to choose private schools

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With education, there are so many types of schools a parent can choose from, such as public schools, home-schooling, or private schools. What would be a parent’s best choice? It is not a surprise that now most parents would like to enroll their children in private schools and education plays a huge role in the upbringing of a child, as well as creating a pathway to their future. There’s been a number of upcoming private schools in Kuala Lumpur, parents are spoilt for choice and have such a variety of schools to choose from, all with their benefits that they can offer. 

Personalised attention

In private schools, the teachers are dedicated, fully focused and are able to pay more attention to their students as they have smaller class sizes as compared to government schools which have big class sizes. In that case, the students will be monitored closely, where a safe and positive learning environment is created. Teachers will be able to attend to each student’s individual needs and weaknesses. It would be easier for teachers to have one to one sessions during class, should the student require it. Teachers play a huge role in education, and the teachers in private schools are trained to be active in facilitating healthy competitions, debates and activities, while making sure that students commit and follow through. 

Positive peer environment

Private schools get to choose their students, while public government schools do not have that luxury. For example, if a student in a public government school is disruptive, the school has no other choice than to keep them around until they are able to legally drop out. However, private schools can remove disruptive students if proved out of control, as discipline is of a priority. This ensures a positive peer environment for your child where bullying is strictly not tolerated. Your child’s safety in school will be guaranteed as there is better security provided as well. Other than that, private schools usually have students from overseas, so your child may have international friends where your child will be able to gain insights to a different culture, and even might pick up a new foreign language.

Extracurricular activities

Besides that, private schools offer not only academic quality but they also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities that students can pick and choose from. Be it art related classes, music or performing arts, it is all available for your child to explore. These activities will encourage and improve their educational, personal and social growth. These activities are great in building soft skills while also improving on their interest too. Your child might even broaden their interests as they will gain exposure from all the different clubs in school. These activities and clubs are not only well facilitated, but also accompanied with a professional or a teacher that has been trained in the matter.  Aside from that, your child will have the opportunity to join and compete in international competitions and events. 

Holistic education

In contrast to public schools, where academics rule and education is usually only restricted to the classroom and textbook, in private schools, that is definitely not the case. Students will be allowed hands-on learning experiences. They are constantly encouraged to think creatively as individuals, and stimulate their mental process. 

The class sessions will be more engaging, and in return, children will naturally be more enthusiastic to learn, especially in a fun, inviting and interesting environment. Chemistry and physics experiments can be carried out in a fun and safe way. A history lesson might have your child role playing as a certain honourable leader, making learning so much more than just the usual memorising and note taking. 

Students will be able to pick up life skills that will prove more than useful in the future. The education system in private schools is preparing children for what they will face in university, such as allowing them to get accustomed to presenting their coursework and ideas, which will greatly improve their public speaking skills as well as confidence. Students will also get to build soft skills such as leadership and teamworking skills.

International syllabus

The IGCSE syllabus is offered in private schools, and it is a globally recognized qualification. IGCSE is the gateway to higher education overseas, as it will make application and acceptance a whole lot easier. For example, achieving a grade C in IGCSE English is enough to pass language requirements in some universities overseas. IGCSE syllabus allows students to choose from more than 70 different subjects. In comparison to public government schools where students have no say in selection of subjects, private schools allow it, and students can choose subjects that are deemed fully necessary for their higher education courses in the future. It offers a practical approach to learning, while encouraging logical and critical thinking skills.

Top facilities

One of the biggest benefits that would come from a private school would be its facilities. A proper environment for students to well facilitate their extracurricular activities and hone their skills. From air-conditioned classrooms to ensure your child learns in comfort, to better lab facilities, or a school field, auditorium, basketball court, library and a performing arts room. 

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that private school is the way to go. Still deciding which private school? Check out Fairview International, which was formed in 1978, and now has campuses located in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Ipoh, Penang and Johor Bahru while also having a presence in Scotland. Fairview International is one of the most affordable international schools in Malaysia that offers a comprehensive IB programme. It is one of Malaysia’s top 10 international schools, nurturing thousands of children from Asia’s finest and influential families.

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