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Agency vs In-House: Which is the one for you?

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The key towards a successful business is how you market and brand your product to the audience. Both play an important role in order for business to grow. By choosing a team for hire to handle the marketing side of the business is crucial. So before you choose, you should know which are the best ones for you.


Let’s get straight to it!

There are two types of marketing companies that you could consider: Marketing agency and In-house marketing.


Marketing agency focuses on full branding of your company’s product. They are a team of professionals that handles all the marketing parts of your brand. They handle multiple clients and their branding. In contrast to agency, in-house marketing consists of a team hired exclusively by your company to work solely on your brand. In-house also requires only one experienced person being hired to handle all the marketing and branding of your product; ranging from doing designing work to copywriting. Both marketing companies have their own perks and downside of things. Thinking of which marketing company you want to hire to handle your brand? Here are a few tips and contrasts on which group you would want to hire for your company.


Doing it as a team of professionals

No doubt that agencies are a team of experts as they tend to handle quite a number of clients on marketing their brands. Through that experience, agencies are more likely to be exposed to many different industries. As they touch on many different varieties of brands, agencies get to gain the experiences of different styles and creativity of each brand; thus gaining high exposure in the industry. With this exposure, they can create better marketing strategies for their clients in the long run. In comparison to in-house, they are limited in creativity as they only focus on one brand and one client. Although, agencies are to adapt with the industry standards by following the rules and regulations of advertising and marketing which is being governed on the process of sending out commercials and ads online.


“Content is fire; social media is gasoline.” 

– Jay Baer, Bestselling Author, Marketing Expert and Founder of Convince & Convert


You can save cost when hiring a team of professionals from an agency to handle your brand. It may sound like you need to spend a large amount of money to hire a group of experts but to most agencies, you as a client can discuss and negotiate for an affordable price to market the product. Unlike in-house, clients have to pay more to an individual employee in the marketing department which might increase over time. 


With one price, the agency’s team in different departments from the creative side to the technological side are able to handle all the branding of the product. Although, some agencies are expensive because of the professional level of the team as well as how you want your brand to be out there. Thus, it’s always good to do a little research of the agency company before planning to hire one.


All focus on you and only you 

In-house companies focus solely on your brand only. An advantage for in-house is that the team is familiar with your company’s brand and culture from head to toe. They got the most control over your contents that they create in contrast to marketing agencies. Because of that, they know and understand what is best for your brand and are able to do fully what you vision your product to be in the market.


“An in-house marketing team is embedded in the company and has a deep understanding of brand, culture, product, and internal processes.”

– Zoe Matthews, Marketing manager at RealTimeUK


Even if agencies are briefed with the company’s brand, they won’t be able to connect deeply into the client’s philosophy of their product. Hence, with full focus on your brand, you and your in-house marketers can engage well as a team. However, it’s most important to know who you are hiring as getting the right people for the job could be a tedious process. 


In contrast to agencies, you are in control of how you vision your contents to be. With faster communication, you and your in-house team can communicate easily due to working on the same brand and its work. Agencies may be able to handle the branding with a team of experts, you do not solely have creative control over your brand as agencies sometimes might change up a thing or two of your vision that might not be what you wanted. Due to the differences of visions, it could lead to an issue of opposing ideas of what you want and what the agency can give. Thus, working together with your in-house team could lower the risk of conflicts of different interest as they focus on one same goal in building the company.


All in all, Both agencies and in-house have their own pros and cons. It all depends on your budget and the willingness to spend more for better marketing and branding purposes. By breaking down on your budget, plans and future achievements, you might be able to see and compare to which marketing team is the one for you. Although, you also have to learn a little about the team’s work culture as well. That way, you could also observe which team would be the best one for you and your brand.


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