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We are currently living in a time of social media Big Bang, a time where social media is expanding at rapid pace–changing from just mere social platforms to business arena, a place where digital business transactions happen.

Thus opening doors of opportunities for people from all walks of life to take the jump into the marketing and biz world without taking much risk in doing so, especially when you’re just starting your business.

What Makes Social Medias Today’s Hottest Business Platform?

Well for starters, social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy to be access, easy to use, and free. So throngs of people will be on social medias everyday, browsing through their homepage see what’s up and what’s new. So the chances of your business getting notice will way much higher compare to the usual advertising, especially if you’re just starting up or running a small business.

There are many ways you can creatively advertise your business; promo videos, parody video of your own business, photos of your products with just few clicks here and there. You’ll able to connect with your customers at a much deeper level by directly communicate with them via comments and direct messages.  

If you have new upcoming products or services you can upload a teaser of it, so that people will look forward to it and visits your site more often to look for update of the teased product or service both on the main website and the social media.

The tons of users and these neat features what made social medias strategic marketing and business platform excellent both for starters or business tycoons.

What You Need To Do When Using Social Media As Marketing Tool

Get The Conversation Flowing

Having that huge number of followers on your social media account is all well and good, but it is no use your stuffs are getting out there much. So don’t just keep dishing out bland and straightforward caption like a bot, instead write something that get the thread going, the more comments and likes on the post, it’ll be visible to more people.

What you need to take notice of the posts you’ve had made is not what are being said about it, but who saying it because whatever comments put in the comment section is based on a person’s persona, so you can pretty much know what your audience like and dislike, what’s offensive and what’s not offensive. By knowing this it’ll help you from posting a topic may cost your audience.

Know The People

Now of course you already have your target customers for your business, but knowing what they like will really help. For example, by recognizing a group that has affinity for an anime series or a movie, when you shared a topic or product based on theme of their liking, you will have high chance getting more attention.

Don’t make post about your items, your business all the time. Post a topic or news that will get the post shared and comments, through this people will discover your social media page easier. Also, this will make you page appears more friendly to people.

Varieties Of Ways And Tools At Your Disposal

Hey, in the end it is up to you how you want to utilize the social medias features, there are lots of creative ways you can do to help advertise and get your business across and to people of the net. Just be mindful and be sensitive of what you do as your audience/clients/customers come from different backgrounds. Other than that, go and have fun, experiment with what you can do–just don’t forget to jot the statistic and stuffs so you can keep track of things.

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