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Dabbling in PPC ads can either make or break you, it all depends on how you write the PPC text ads. This may seems like a simple enough work; just sit there and type but that is far from the truth! Cooking up effective writing for PPC text ads can be very, very tricky and meticulous business (Seriously, there are tons of things to consider)

Getting your text across via platform with limited amount of space such as Adwords to catch the attention of readers with words and characters can be a little bit tricky. Getting their attention is one thing, to tempt them and make them click on the article is another thing. I mean, hey, it ain’t easy to come up something concise and creative without sounding corny, cringy or cheap.

But the thing is, there are no secret techniques, bots or smart keyboards to help you create attractive and creative contents for PPC text ads, an article with words so delish they make–no, more like urge people click on it. Creating a haunting article, tagline, or description requires us, the writer, to do these few things.

Know The Market And Its Demands

Of course you can’t just fly in blind into something, it’ll only ended up with you getting hurting and on the losing side.

So to help yourself, go out see and explore, see, how the market works and what people want to see. Grab and absorb all the information you could your hands on– from the almighty Mr. Google, people in the industry, and the users. With all these infos tucked in nicely under your belt, you’ll have little trouble to generate the industry’s niche words and ideas , hell, they might even flow out of your mind like Niagra Falls.

Imagine Yourself In The Shoes Of A User

Hey, you are writing for the business, to promote the thing you’re selling to people, so instead of spring boarding your business up to the moon and back, you focus wording on how can you help and solve the problems faced by people not just merely shouting out “Hey!! I’m selling this and it is great!”–this might even annoyed some.

Put yourself in the shoes of a user, think, and feel what you as a user would need to see on PPC text ads–what can nudge yourself into clicking and becoming a client for your business.

Show Some Emotion In Writings. Do Not Be Dry And Drab. Serious, Just Don’t.

So, you’ve finished writing text ad about your company it all looks nice and formal, but it lacks one thing; feelings.

I mean you don’t your PPC text ad sounds like a principle speech text, dry and boring no emotion whatsoever, worse, cringy jokes or puns, just don’t. Don’t.

Those kind of writings not only shift people’s attention elsewhere but it will be forgotten too, casted down into deep void of the Internet. .

Why is it not memorable? It’s written nicely and everything. Here’s the thing; it doesn’t intrigue or entice people to read further. It doesn’t arouse their curiosity instead kills it.

Don’t get frustrated, calm your mind, and relax. You already have all the information tucked in your head, you just need to expand them that’s all. The best way is to express them both through your views (just don’t get sidetracked) and from users point of view.  

You are a writer and this means you should have a decent amount vocabulary stored inside your mind. Dig deep but don’t force yourself because it’ll only make you feel frustrated instead. Take your time to find the right words, ones that you write with full of feelings and able to affect people till their blown off from in front of their desktop computers or their smartphones blown out through the window.

When you able to put yourself in the users place, you would be able to know what emotions plague their fragile and dramatic hearts, utilize this to your advantage. You can do this by including negative arguments then quickly turn it around with positive ideas, positive ideas that come from the solution your business can provide them.

Involve Your Audience

Get close to your audience, reach out to them (no, don’t stalk people). Do this by addressing them in a direct manner, using second person pronouns–you, your and yours. This way your words will be able to affect them more and make them feel important.

Use words with gentle and friendly intonation, casual–like two friends chatting with one another. This will portray you and your business as something friendly and approachable which makes people feel easy on knowing and inquiring more.

Be Daring, Be Catchy, Be Ballsy

Don’t be afraid to play around with words, a provocative word have a high chance piquing the audiences interest toward the service or product you’re selling. Mix it up, don’t stay boxed in the safe area as this might cause you to write something formal and bland, like it was mentioned in point number 3; show emotions.

Strong and provocative words tend to have more affect on the audience compared to ones that are top with awful lot of sugar coating.  Use catchy words, words that will strike at the heart but not corny and cringe-worthy that make people facepalm.

Get Some Numbers In

When you add some numbers in your PPC text ad, the numbers surely will garner the attention of your audiences.

With statistic and figures included have been known to increase CTR  and get the attention of audience.

This especially effective if you include a chart or a bar graph to validate the numbers you stated in the text. I mean, hey the bigger the percentage, the better. Just look when there are discounts, people flocked to like fish during feeding time.

Clear The Doubts  

This can be a bit tricky to do because you have to jump in the bandwagon of common problems face by the audience while the same turning it around that whatever your business service or product is can help them.

Highlight this matter on the limited SEO description that Mr. Google shows, this can be rather challenging, so take your time to write a convincing words to greet the eyes and minds of your audience, words strong enough to kick the doubt out of their mind.

Write about on how your service or product can help the audience overcome their problems, what solutions can you provide them.

So Will It Work?

My answer is, yes and no. Like I mentioned earlier in this lovely little article, my dear readers. There are no secret technique or whatsoever that 100% will work.

I mean writing it’s rather meticulous and volatile, sometimes you cook up something befitting the market demands, sometimes you don’t. However with the said practices above, it should at least increase the margin of success by a significance.  

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