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Trends Are Changing

When it comes down to the workings of web designing, it’s a bit similar to that fashion designing. I mean, hey, fashion is not the only thing that keep spewing out new trends every day you know. There will be something new popped up, immediately become trends in web designing.

While it maybe not compulsory to follow every single of these trends but there’s no harm in applying and incorporating some these trends into your designing arsenal, eh? You might even create a new kind of trend through the combination of your own ideas and from some of these trends.

What Do Illustration And Vibrant Colours Have Over Traditional Photos/Images?

Well, with illustration designers will have a lot more freedom and easier to generate their own creative and unique ideas compared to using photos/images, extending the longevity of the website overall looks.

As a web designer, you of course, will be responsible for building a digital world that many will visit. Yes, this grants you almost full authority, though bear in mind that whatever design you going to put will affect the website and people that visit it.

With illustration you’ll have a lot more room to maneuver your creativity as it more abstract, requires less logic and fixed or concrete shape, there is a concern to this though. Since illustrations are more abstract in nature, it’ll be a bit more easier for you to get sidetracked from the main theme or idea, so don’t go trigger all happy when you’re illustrating, folks. It cost you precious time and resources, you know.

Not to mention you will have the complete freedom to experiment with the colour palette when you’re using illustration, unlike stock photos/images taken from the Internet which can be a bit of hassle when you need to play and edit their colours. You can decide to go with monochromatic for your illustration or you can throw in some explosive vibrant colours into it.  

Monochromatic gives a sense of modern, contemporary and sophisticated feeling to anything it applies to, this includes website you’re building and designing. Though it might look all cool and edgy, not all is a fan of it. Especially now that vibrant colours scheme is the new thing trending among web designers.

The vibrant colours scheme is all about crossing the boundary and out of your comfort zone. You can see nowadays that most websites use this booming and explosive colours scheme combine together with sharp and hard angles. You are free to experiment using these vibrant shades to help you find the colours that will express whatever the website business nature.

Vibrant shades have the tendency to stick in our mind like stubborn stains on our clothes–the colours red, yellow, electric blue, yellow and other shades from these lots also strangely have impact on our psychology. So no wonder these vibrant shades are being apply on websites as well as it help visitors remember the website’s looks, if not the name.

Fonts And Typefaces

The next booming things are fonts and typeface a.k.a letters, alphabets or whatever you call it. They’re becoming one of the big and crucial things in web designing, and change the way a website is design later in the near future.

It is known to the public that many major providers expanding the amounts of typefaces and fonts you can use. Well this means you get to play around with the typeface and fonts, but don’t get carried away, people. I mean, for example you’re making a website that sells mattresses but you use Gothic, like what?? So, yeah, go head and tinker around with the fonts and typefaces just make you use fonts and typefaces according to website’s theme.

With the appearance of the ability to adjust font sizes to suit screen sizes, designing websites or mobile apps have change significantly. For example, you can adjust optical sizes for the characters to size that is small enough not to clutter the screen yet readable.

From The Big Screen To The Small Screen

Online shopping is gaining popularity and favour at the speed of light these days, especially when you can do it at any time and anywhere–heck, you can even do so while in toilet! This possible because we have been graced by the existence of smartphones and mobile apps.

Hence, this is how web designing moved from the big the screen of desktops and laptops to the small screen of smartphones. So majority of web developers nowadays prioritize and look to mobile-look web design first since users are more active on the mobile version.

So many of digital agencies have shifted their focus towards developing and optimizing mobile app versions. Especially for e-commerce websites, not having a mobile app version for your business can be very detrimental because as mentioned above, users are much more active on their mobile devices, so by having a mobile app for your e-commerce website it’ll allow users to browse, and place order via their mobile devices. Though this of course means web designers have learn and adapt to new areas in their field of work, which can be rather daunting because they need to make sure the mobile app they’ve designed will give users something nice to look at, and easy to navigate through.

Merging Virtual And Reality

As we all know photos, images, illustrations, and videos do help to give readers, visitors, and customers a better picture of what are they’re getting for themselves or others. This especially true if you’re a property developer who just recently break grounds for new a residency tower or housing area, you’d be wanting to include photos of what the would look like once its finish or a video of said proper under construction and stuffs. Now there’s a new neat tech feature has been throw in; virtual reality.

Video tech is growing and developing well because it is becoming more powerful by the day. This is evident enough with the appearance of virtual reality video function. If a web designer able to apply the tech on a website, it surely will help visitors to understand what is the company all about and what products or services do they have. Virtual reality video further enhance this by allowing visitors to have more closer look and feels. A property developer can definitely benefit 360 degree video. A 360 degree video allows visitors to take a look an object or surrounding by panning/moving the camera around, this would especially boosts chances of property to buy by prospects since they’re able to assess the surroundings.

There many other virtual reality videos types aside from 360 degree video; video mapping, interactive videos etc.

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